Aqua Therapy

April 12, 2019 -

On Saturday March 30th Cypress Glen welcomed back the Aquatic Therapy students from East Carolina University. The students have been coming to gain hands on experience practicing the skills they’ve been learning in the classroom. The residents have enjoyed the chance to get to know the students, offer a learning opportunity, and also benefit from the exercises. The students have taken time to get to know the residents and any physical limitations they have and were able to implement a routine appropriate and helpful for them. The first part of the morning consisted of small groups working through appropriate exercises like we’ve done in the past. The second part of the morning was a new experience. The students taught an Aqua Yoga class. This was their first time teaching and the residents first time ever taking a class. It was a great success and many residents were thrilled with how great it felt. We’ve enjoyed working with these students and look forward to doing it again in coming semeseters!