Rehabilitation Services

A Personalized Approach to Rehabilitation

Cypress Glen offers short- and long-term senior Rehabilitation services for older adults who are recovering from surgery, illness, or a hospital stay. Our team of experts works with seniors and their families to create a customized care plan that takes into account the resident’s abilities, preferences, and goals.

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A Multidisciplinary Team

Specialized Therapists collaborate with the nursing team to help seniors get back to living their best life as quickly as possible.

Senior Rehabilitation Services

Cypress Glen’s senior Rehabilitation Center offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help older adults regain independence.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps residents rebuild mobility and strength, improve balance, and manage pain.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy offers strategies to help seniors perform everyday tasks and redevelop fine motor skills and visual perception.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps residents communicate, project their voice, swallow, write, read, and remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

The two therapies are similar in that they both help restore strength and mobility. However, occupational therapy focuses on helping people improve their ability to perform everyday tasks by modifying their physical environment and using adaptive equipment and techniques to increase independence.

Skilled speech and language pathologists address communication challenges and swallowing issues. Treatment plans are designed to rebuild language abilities, provide alternate communication strategies, and give diet recommendations

Each person receives an individualized treatment plan, based on medical certification by their doctor, to address their condition and specific rehabilitation needs. Cypress Glen will provide the appropriate senior Rehabilitation services as recommended by your therapy team after admission.

At our senior Rehabilitation Center, a team of specialists, including a doctor, nurse, social worker, dietitian, and therapists, will provide care, guide your Rehabilitation journey, and work in partnership with you and your family members.

Yes. Current residents enjoy exclusive access to senior Rehabilitation services at Cypress Glen.