​We are thankful for the many volunteers and interns who choose to spend time with us and our residents. 

Many of Cypress Glen's volunteers have been serving our community for years, forming relationships with many of the residents, through community event preparation and administrative assistance.

We are proud of our previous interns who have excelled in their field of work with experience in our marketing, administrative, life enrichment, or healthcare departments.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers may find themselves calling bingo, walking with residents outside on our walking trail, singing karaoke, reading to residents, playing cards, assisting with crafts or spending one on one time with a resident. Whatever the activity, time spent is fulfilling for both volunteers and residents. 

Internship Opportunities

We welcome you and thank you for your interest in volunteering at Cypress Glen Retirement Community. Your services are highly valued by both our staff and residents. Your stimulation, companionship, attentiveness and warmth add a refreshing dimension to the lives of our residents. 

There are many opportunity to fulfill college service learning hours. We are a teaching community and invite you to join us. We will happily find areas of service that will be rewarding and meet your needs for your particular career path. 

We also offer internships at Cypress Glen. Internships are available through Administration, Life Enrichment, Security and Recreational Therapy. 

Next Steps

If you wish to volunteer, please download and fill out our volunteer application at the top of this page. Submit the application to the Life Enrichment Volunteer Coordinator.  Life Enrichment staff will contact you for volunteer orientation to begin service training. Every volunteer must attend a volunteer orientation/tour of community. The orientation takes about 30-45 minutes and is usually scheduled twice a month. We do ask that all volunteers serve a minimum of 15 hours. 

Please make note that our hours available to serve are Monday-Friday, 8:45am-11:30am and 1:30pm-5pm.