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Statement to Applicant

I understand in applying for employment with United Methodist Retirement Homes that the completion of this application does not indicate there are any positions open and does not in any way obligate United Methodist Retirement Homes or me to an employment relationship.

The information given in this application is true in all respects to the best of my ability. If any information is found to be false, I understand that I will either be refused employment or subject to immediate dismissal if already employed. I authorize United Methodist Retirement Homes to investigate all information contained in this application. I authorize my present and former employer to release any information pertaining to my work record and performance, and release those employers from liability unless such information is provided with knowledge that it is false.

I understand that a medical examination or medical inquires may be required before or during my employment to assess my ability to adequately perform the job. This will only be done after a conditional offer of employment has been made. I authorize any physician and/or other health care provider to release any medical information concerning my past and present medical condition to United Methodist Retirement Homes and release them from liability for so doing unless the information is known by them to be false.

I understand that a criminal records check and/or a motor vehicle record check may be made by a consumer reporting agency, and that if such report is requested, I have the right under federal law to request in writing, within a reasonable time, detailed information about the nature and scope of the report.

I understand that health care exclusion lists may be verified and I certify that I am not presently under investigation for wrongdoing, nor already excluded from participation in health care reimbursement programs by any state or federal department or agency. I agree to provide United Methodist Retirement Homes with immediate notice and explanatory information as it develops, or any change of circumstances relative to this certification.

I understand that United Methodist Retirement Homes reserves the right in appropriate circumstances to require its employees to submit to inspections of the workplace that may include their personal effects, and to require applicants and employees to submit to testing for the presence of drugs or alcohol. An individual’s refusal to submit to a requested test or inspection may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.

Finally, I understand that if employed, my employment at United Methodist Retirement Homes will be for no definite period of time, and that my employment may be terminated at will at any time with or without cause or advance notice. I understand that any contract for employment upon any terms must be in writing and signed by the Company President.