Wellness Center

Our newly-renovated and expanded Wellness Center brings our residents everything they could need to make their future active, comfortable, fun, and sociable.

Gather at the spa for a soothing day of massages, nail care, and hair-styling. Get fit in our well-equipped fitness center. Or take a swim in our breath-taking indoor, saltwater pool.

However you envision wellness, allow our center to become the focal point of your retirement wellbeing.


Our fitness center includes numerous weighted and cardio machines that, when paired up with our Personal Wellness Plans, are everything you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Swimming Pool

Take a dip in our fabulous heated salt-water pool. A healthy alternative to chlorine, our pool helps relieve stress to joints while still giving you the resistance you look for in a water aerobics class.

Personal Wellness Plans

Our qualified staff members work with you to structure an overall wellness plan custom to your body, your diet, and your lifestyle so that you get the most out of every minute in our Wellness Center.

Classes Examples

Human Dignity

We will provide services to a diverse population, in a welcoming environment in an environment that exudes compassion, respect and dignity for all.

Ethical Practices

To achieve our mission and vision, we will engage in practices that are of the highest ethical standards guided by Christian principles in our decision making.

Financial Integrity

We will manage our financial resources in a manner that enhances our services, continues growth, and maintains appropriate reserves. Our goals are twofold: to enhance the lives of those we serve and ensure the long-term viability of The United Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc.

Benevolent Care

We will provide benevolent care to community residents as needed and resources allow.

Workforce Excellence

We will recruit, develop and support competent and caring individuals who are committed to our mission.

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement

We will offer programs and services that are based on the best practices to foster positive wellness, happiness, security, and health.

Governance Accountability

We will govern the organization in a diligent and ethical manner and hold ourselves accountable to the public and those we serve. We will be accountable for our performance to those we serve and to the general public through detailed disclosure statements.

Community Involvement/ Collaboration

We will engage with other related organizations to deliver services to seniors within our communities and surrounding areas.


We will cooperate, as our resources allow, with educational activities that further the careers of students in senior wellness, health care and related fields.